My Ace Cards
Doodled this in class with a pen and no actual outcome in mind so forgive my mistakes. Thought it would be good enough to color anyway.

Okay guys, I’m taking the plunge. I’ve decided to open up an Avatar forum after I had the idea to:
A) Make the experience a little more personal and fun. 
B) Wanted to open a good Avatar forum. 
And with Legend of Korra Book 2 Spirits coming out sometime this year, when’s a better time to join an Avatar forum?  
We have plenty to offer: 
- A place for ATLA discussion- Lok discussion- Discussion of the Avatar world (geography, culture, etc.)- Pro-Bending!- Joining a Nation and specialty boards for said Nations- Staff positions open- a place for creativity and fandom- And more!
So, if you like the Avatar series, want to check out a forum with a few unique aspects that has just opened its doors and help liven up, stop by The White Lotus Legacy!
Hope to see you there ^^

The Galaxy Cauldron sponsors many contests including the very fun Otaku Senshi contest hosted by our very own Sailor Mars! This month’s theme is Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon fuku redesign! Click here to learn all about it!

ブラックマジシャンガール! | 布団となかよし! [pixiv]


So, this is a bit of a shameless plug for a forum I love very much.

This forum is called The Galaxy Cauldron Forums. It is a fan forum dedicated to the lovely series, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. The Galaxy Cauldron Forums is actually a really big part of me, as I have met so many lovely…

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vespa / Fukari

This wins cutest award.